Our Partners

Our Partners

EcoHub is a closed-loop system that aims to repurpose 100% of the local waste stream into new sustainable products. However, without the support and immense dedication to sustainability from our partners, none of it would be possible.


Read below to learn more about our partners and the roles they play in making each EcoHub facility a reality.


ACS Industrial Services is a global leader in constructing major infrastructure projects, including projects within the energy and environmental services industries.

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IBM Smarter Cities

IBM Smarter Cities provides local leaders with the technology and know-how to transform cities.

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CellMark is a leading recyclable commodities dealer that will broker EcoHub commodities & finished products.

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Stadler is the number one systems integrator in solid waste handling systems globally.

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Hellman, one of the world’s largest logistics companies, provides safe and efficient distribution for EcoHub products.

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EcoHub is an environmental revolution, fundamentally changing the industry by introducing the world’s first single-bin, closed-loop system for separating, manufacturing and repurposing up to 100% of the waste stream into value-added products.

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