The Benefits of Each EcoHub


Create Jobs

EcoHubs create thousands of direct and indirect jobs in communities they serve – boosting local economies and broadening tax bases.

$2 Billion

Grow Economies

EcoHubs repurpose waste into sustainable products, contributing billions to the local economies they serve.

1 Million

Lower Emissions

EcoHubs will reduce emissions up to 1 million metric tons/year – equivalent to removing 300k cars from the road.

10.6 Mil

Conserve Energy

EcoHub waste processing will save 10.6 million MMBtu of energy every year – the equivalent of powering 60,000 homes.

99 Mil

Save Space

EcoHubs will save 99 million cubic feet of landfill space every year, achieving zero waste for the EcoHub communities.

2.1 Mil

Protect Resources

Paper products manufactured by EcoHub can save millions of large trees from harvest every year.