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EcoHub is the only sustainable product manufacturer that provides economic development, environmental sustainability, and lower costs to cities, companies, and communities.


Unlike the world’s current approach to garbage handling, EcoHub repurposes 75-100% of the waste stream into value added products. Here is how EcoHub puts every material within the waste stream to its highest and best use for both local economies and the environment.

Our Team

George Gitschel
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. George Gitschel is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of EcoHub.  With over 35 years in the waste management, recycling, and conversion technology industries, Mr. Gitschel is the inventor of the MaxDiverter™ and EcoHub™ material separation, recovery and manufacturing processes.  Mr. Gitschel currently has 21 issued or allowed patents (US, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mexico and Japan) covering over 450 claims. Mr. Gitschel has 20 additional US patents pending on the related system technologies.  Additionally, Mr. Gitschel has 19 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) nationalization patent applications filed in China, India, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the European Union.  Mr. Gitschel has invested 25+ years developing EcoHub’s material sorting/recovery system and the EcoHub closed loop manufacturing concept. Mr. Gitschel is also the founder (2009 to present) and CEO of Organic Energy Corporation, the IP container for the MaxDiverter and EcoHub patents. Prior to founding EcoHub, Mr. Gitschel was the CEO of Rose Waste Systems, a leading municipal solid waste and recycling equipment, design, systems integration and supply company.  Under Mr. Gitschel’’s leadership, the company designed and/or installed the systems for over 60 waste and recycling plants around the globe. Mr. Gitschel holds a B.S. in Commerce from the University of Santa Clara.

Rob Watson
Chief Science Officer

An international leader in market transformation and green buildings, Mr. Watson is known as the “Founding Father of LEED.” Under Rob’s direction, LEED became the largest and fastest-growing international standard by which green buildings are measured. Author Thomas Friedman calls Rob “one of the best environmental minds in America.” Watson is at the forefront of technical innovation in green buildings and energy efficiency, serving as Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer for PrimaFilm LLC, which has created the only thermally insulating window film that will reduce energy losses through windows by over 50%. Rob launched ECON Group and EcoTech International to implement cutting edge LEED projects in the US and overseas. Watson was a Senior Scientist with the National Resources Defense Council for 21 years, directing the International Energy and Green Building programs. Mr. Watson is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has an MBA from Columbia University and an MSc from UC Berkeley.

Our Values

EcoHub was created out of a desire to change the world by transforming how it discards, disposes, repurposes and consumes garbage. We take pride in our ability to simplify lifestyles, educate communities, raise living standards, and develop regional economies. By positively impacting the way the world deals with garbage, we hope to one day cure nations and regions of challenging, systemic issues like poverty, mass-pollution, and disease.



EcoHub is a value creator for citizens, communities, corporations and the whole waste management industry. We go beyond “zero waste” by finding ways to repurpose 75-100% of the waste stream, putting everything that comes through our facilities to its highest and best use.


This commitment extends to how we impact the world around us. From the way we form partnerships to how we invest in communities, EcoHub creates lasting value and impact in everything that we do.



EcoHub is founded on a meticulous, never-ending desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. We strive to create systemic change in the way the world produces, disposes of, and interacts with waste.


EcoHub is the beginning of a movement – an Environmental Revolution that goes beyond preserving our ecological resources. We will change the world, and in the process create new opportunities, change communities and provide economic development for millions around the globe.



We conduct our business with highest amount of personal and professional integrity.


We believe in transparency and education, and continuously work with our partners, customers and community members to ensure that our services exceed their expectations.


In everything that we do, EcoHub will pursue a commitment to high moral, ethical, and environmental standards.



EcoHub believes in “Paying it Forward” to the communities we serve, and to the world at large. We treat our employees as partners, knowing that their empowerment is key to their success, and the success of our business and the community.


At EcoHub, empowerment starts and stops with education, fair treatment, accountability, and opportunity for all.


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EcoHub is an environmental revolution, fundamentally changing the industry by introducing the world’s first single-bin, closed-loop system for separating, manufacturing and repurposing 75-100% of the waste stream into value-added products.

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